Knowing the Popular Handicap Systems on Horse Betting

Horse betting systems are basically those systems which can help gamblers place their bets in accordance with some defined criteria and facts to enable them win. As with any other type of gambling, it is practically impossible to find a system to help you win at all times, but with constant observation there can be defined a few systems providing you more chances of winning rather than losing.

The following handicap and betting systems are presented underneath to help you with horse race betting:

- The presence of a better jockey is one way through which you can increase your chances of winning. It is considered that when a good horse gets a better jockey to ride it for the next races, then there are more chances of winning at horse betting. It goes without saying that once a good race horse is ridden by a skilled and more trained jockey, then the winning can be almost yours.

- Z pattern - as with any race, you could find horses that are pretty good and they will definitely worth betting, as they will have a great start, then run in the middle for in the end to gain its first position.

For this reason you should take a look at the historic background of the horse and thus realize its antecedents of this kind in the past. If these ones are presented there, then you could have a possible winner. One thing that you must be aware of is the horse ability to win the race and not winning just because the rivals got tired within the race.

- Switching the surface - can be another reason for a horse to race better. You can see on many occasions that some horses have more abilities to race faster when switching the surface of the ground from turf to dirt or vice versa. These changes must be as well remarked as they can help you in your horse betting initiative.

- Making the speed selection - is a system that goes for elimination process. This means that you can select the races where you can bet, such as it is with the ones that have maiden and a couple first time starter races. You can as well cut off from the list those horses which haven't raced for the last two races on that track that you plan to do the current bet.

You could as well take out those horses which weren't racing on the sort of surface that it is present with your today horse betting. Do not even bother to consider those which didn't make for the first three on the previous races. After you have eliminated these cases, and there are still four horses remaining on your list, it would be better to drop this race for horse betting and wait for a better one.


Comparing the Slot Machine to Other Forms of Gambling

The Poor Relation

As we wrap up our exploration of the growth and development of the slot machine, it is interesting to consider the comparison between the slot machines and other forms of gambling such as poker. Which is more enjoyable and which is more dangerous to get into? I think that it is a good exercise to review any activity in the context of the other activities that reside within its home industry. The stereotype is to believe that that slot machine is the poor relative. I tend to disagree because each gambling gate has its own market and its own protocols. A comparison may not be the best way.

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This site is designed to help understand how and when it is possible to get an edge over games that are traditionally biased towards casinos and sportsbooks, or at least how to reduce the existing gap, and hence how to increase your chances to win.

You will learn:

  • how to take advantage of bonus offers and other promotions
  • which games to play (skill games vs. chance games)
  • which strategies, methods or techniques can increase your winning odds (e.g. sports handicapping, blackjack card counting, ...)

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craps-icon1Texas Hold'Em vs. Omaha

There is no denying the fact that poker is one of the games offering the greatest number of variants you can play at, each of them having their own rules. This article will focus on two poker games that are most commonly engaged in and preferred by inveterate gamblers and that you will encounter when you play poker online: Omaha and Texas Hold'Em.

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How to set off Gaming Losses

If you live in U.S. it is interesting to note that losses incurred while gambling can be written off whiling filing your tax returns. This requires that all documentary evidence like receipts, tickets should be retained to provide while filing a tax claim. Hence it is mandatory that all records of wins and losses be kept meticulously if you intend to claim a set off of your gambling losses against your taxable income. These records may include lottery stubs, casino receipts and other such evidence of your gambling wins and losses.
What you require:
- The IRS 1040 form
- Details of your wins and losses

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